SHIRLEY SHIPMAN JOHNSON was born in Vernon, Texas on April 18, 1953 and  grew up as the only child of Alvin and Inez Shipman.  When  Shirley was twelve, the family moved to Lancaster, California, then after experiencing their first really big earthquake, made the decision to move back south to Poplarville, Mississippi (Where in 1969 she and her family were nearly blown away by hurricane Camille!). 
Poplarville was her mother's home town, and was to become Shirley's home town for the next four decades. During this time Shirley met and married Rodney Johnson, and together they had two children, Jeremiah and Brooke.  As her children grew, Shirley spent time with her aging parents and grew especially close to her father.  It was during this period that Shirley  learned more about her father's experiences during  the war.  It was also the time when her father, made the decision to return to Vernon, Texas and reclaim a small black throw pillow he'd mailed home to his mother from the Nazi death camp known as Mauthausen, Austria. 
Alvin had  sewn a small booklet  Atrocities at Camp Mauthausen, Austria inside the pillow and mailed it to his mother in Texas.  The book was written by Nazi prisoner of war, Charles Pilarski and contains the  death bed confession of Franz Ziereis, Commandant of Mauthausen.  It is the only known confession of Nazi Officer in existance. Alvin Shipman had promised his friend, Charles Pilarski he would take the book back to America and get it published. However,  fears that he alone understood, kept him from fulfilling this promise.  After Alvin Shipman's death Shirley found the small book, and remembering her father's promise, has finally made it come true by publishing it in this book, A Soldier's Promise.

HOUSTON R. DAVIS was born in Tifton, Georgia in 1942, but grew up and was educated in Texas.  After a thirty-five year career with The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, he retired and moved to a farm and pecan orchard he owns in Lumberton, Mississippi.  He lives on his farm close to his son Aaron , his wife April, and three granddaughters, Ava, Alivia and Lauren.
It was after his retirement that he met Shirley Johnson.  She told him the story of her father during the war, and about the booklet and the deathbed confession.  Later, in a chance meeting with CAA Agent, Stan Barnett in Nashville, real interest in Alvin Shipman's story began.  After several failed attempts to get the story written, Shirley Johnson and Houston Davis made the decision to write the story themselves.  After reading their finished work you will have to decide it they have truly helped keep "A Soldier's Promise."

Houston R. Davis has completed two additional novels;  SALT DOME, and
THE SEVENTH TRUMPETER (OF THE END-TIMES).  Two other books are in the works, and should be available soon.   All three of his books are available through  Amazon.
Written by Shirley Shipman Johnson & Houston R. Davis

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Shirley S. Johnson can be contacted at 1-865-266-0978 for additional information on the book or her late father, Alvin W. Shipman.
Houston R. Davis can be contacted at the following; or 1-601-796-5248  or through his URL at;